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At Lavan Financial Group our unique approach differentiates us from the competition. Companies such as banks, alternative and online lenders are unable to or not interested in delivering the holistic services we provide to truly benefit small business communities. By empowering business communities with reliable tools, knowledge, resources, and strategic enhancement services, the odds of business success can be greatly improved. We feel sharing pertinent information – common issues for failure and best practices to ameliorate them, revealing less known steps successful business owners complete – locally with start-ups and small businesses has a positive impact. We are a relationship driven company in a transactional driven industry. We provide comprehensive value chain services to best position our clients for business success.

Our clients feel good about running their firm and outsourcing to a partner they can trust to get their finances straight now and throughout the business journey. If you are serious about building a successful business please take advantage of our resources.

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Custom Cash Flow Solutions

Our custom-built commercial finance solutions include a broad range of products, so each client receives the right financing package for their business, whether that means putting together one “best fit” or finding strategies that combine products to give our customers the liquidity they need. These solutions include:

Unlike most traditional financial institutions, we can offer a full range of financing programs, including:

Sized for Any Company

At the Lavan Financial Group, we work with businesses of all sizes. No matter how large or how small, and no matter how your company is structured, our advice is always geared to our client’s needs. That means we do more than just design commercial finance solutions that fit your business plan. We design solutions that fit your business like a glove.

Any company that needs to free up its cash flow also needs solid advice about how to get the most advantageous business loans they can find. Get in touch with one of our representatives today to discover how we can help.