The Lavan Financial Group is committed to providing the best funding options for businesses in need of extra capital. We provide quality financing products and programs for emerging business owners, growth-focused companies, as well as commercial real estate professionals.

What we do

Our team of experts – with decades of experience in the financial and private sectors – will work with you to structure solutions that are tailored to your goals. We can offer solutions for businesses in any industry, and understand the need to to get access to funds quickly and efficiently, and we strive to give our clients the most competitive terms and rates available.

At The Lavan Financial Group, we understand that securing funding through traditional channels can often be met with rejection, or get tied up in long waiting periods or red tape – which is why we offer a wide array of commercial lending solutions. We are dedicated to taking business owners from application to approval quickly, because we know that having access to working capital is frequently a time-sensitive affair.

Getting to know you

Unlike traditional financing institutions, we do not want just customers, nor are we only interested in the bottom line. At Lavan, we want to build long-term, professional relationships with our clients. We want to know your business, as well as your vision. No one likes the frustration of dealing with the “one form for everyone” philosophy of traditional bank lending. We believe that every business is different, and that solutions are not “one size fits all.” We tailor solutions to your immediate financing needs, while also keeping an eye on the long view. We want your operation to succeed, and we want you to remain successful, no matter what comes along, in the future. By getting to know you, we can pull from a variety of solutions and work with you directly to structure a plan to ensure long-term success.

Give your business an edge by utilizing our financial expertise and industry knowledge. We work hard so that our clients can focus on running and growing their businesses successfully