What We Do

There are approximately 30 million small businesses in the United States. Around 350,000 new companies are started or registered with Secretary of States. The bulk of job creation in the US comes from small businesses contributing approximately 60 percent of the net new jobs, but even so, too many small businesses fail.

Building a business requires thorough planning, creativity and hard work, but that alone does not necessarily equal success. Looking at the titles on the shelves of the business section at the local bookstore it seems patently obvious how universal the elusiveness of business success is. The numbers tell the story and the majority of new US companies are doomed to fail. Statistically speaking a new company has less than 70% chance of remaining in business. Those that win the fight and become viable mostly lose the battle(s) in the next round(s).

We believe entrepreneurs and small business success rates can be increased to positively impact local economies and employment. We know businesses that succeed are typically well funded, with appropriate balance sheets, and relevant resources. The quality of people (talent) employed to execute business goals is vital to their success. They adapt their structure to harness and motivate their people as the firm grows. Owners are generally positioned at the nucleus of the company. They are laser focused on their own core competencies. They integrate complementary outsourced services to enhance and aid measurable growth and efficiencies. Access to appropriate capital, great talent and structure managed well and holistically ensure their best chances of business success.

Lavan Financial Group Provides:

A free bankable business assessment to determine where your business stands for funding across 20 finance programs with over 7,000 lenders and credit providers

  • Our free qualification system uses the same databases lenders use to grant approvals. It shows items that might need to be addressed, then matches you to qualified funding programs and shows what it takes to qualify for more.

Immediate Funding options based on matched lender(s) and financing program(s) most often needed by clients to:

  • Prevent a company failure due to poor liquidity.
  • Take advantage of sudden growth opportunities.
  • Finance an entrepreneurial start-up.

Progressive access to more cost-effective capital and blueprint to become Bankable

  • Most business owners ruin their personal credit starting and running a business.
  • The free Business Finance & Credit Educational System drives the development of a bankable corporate identity so the business can stand on its own for financing.
  • Creating a credit asset separate from personal credit achieving Bankability while also adding equity value.
  • Virtual coaches answering question about each step, why it is important, what and how to complete.
  • Access to a suite of business funding educational videos, business how to e-books and a comprehensive process to optimize access to business funding.

Essential business services to drive expense savings, achieve targeted growth, implement efficiencies and increase profitability

  • While also accelerating the path to Bankability and increasing equity value

Bankability – 4 Legs

1. Compliance

  • Completion of the 1st of 4 levels of Bankability ensuring all 20 qualifying criteria are satisfied.

2. Bankable reporting trade-lines

  • The monthly payments for the business bankable success services reported to business bureaus complete the 2nd level of Bankability including;
    • A comprehensive business bankable plan and road map to success via thorough research incorporating;
      • Market, competition, costs of goods, development costs, gross margins, staffing required and much more.
    • CRM, Website, Phone, Office, Email, Social, Entity, Local essential business services all reporting positive payment history

3. Business Bureau scores of 70 or better completion

  • The regular on time monthly payment reporting achieves a low risk business bureau profile and puts a business on the radars of more lenders

4. Bank rating of a low 5 or better is the 4th and final level we attain for the business to reach Bankability and greater access to broad cost-effective funding options so the owner can focus on running the business and core competency