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Helping more local businesses succeed

We are driven by a passion to help business owners achieve their goals and dreams. 

Lavan Financial Group is invested in the long-term success of small businesses. We offer smart capital and business solutions with high impact results to combat the causes of failure and drive business performance. 

Building a business requires thorough planning, creativity and hard work, but that alone does not necessarily equal success. The difference between success and failure in business is marginal. As business owners, we need every advantage to beat the competition – every day. The Business Success Platform was developed to provide an edge to small businesses.

Four Pillars of The Business Success Platform

We know capital used wisely enables a business to constantly prove the market, obtain a consistent flow of clients, and get the pricing structure right to win sustained market share   

Of course, not all business can survive or thrive as there’s a finite economic demand for products and services. Utilizing the solutions encompassed within the 4 pillars of the business success platform increases the likelihood a business has to fulfill its potential.    

Give your business an edge by utilizing our expertise and industry knowledge. If you are serious about building a successful business please take advantage of these invaluable resources.

  1. Business loans 4,000 lending sources and unrivaled programs provide best-matched funding to overcome immediate capital and liquidity issues.   
  2. Finance Suite– Overcome future capital and liquidity issues, build corporate credit, separate and protect personal credit and ensure your business can stand on its own for financing. Free tools, resources and solutions to prepare for capital before it’s needed, and progressively position your company for more attractive funding solutions.
  3. Digital growth solutions– Grow your reach, Grow your sales, Grow your business. Tailored digital marketing resources, uniting marketing, sales and client services for the ROI your business deserves. Proof of performance and no long-term contracts.
  4. Business services – Use every day essential business services for operational efficacy, performance, cost and time savings. All services are reported as trade-lines to establish corporate credit enabling progressive access to more affordable capital if and when needed!

Building Blocks of the Business Success Platform

There are key premises woven into and throughout the platform, which are foundational and help guide our intent to help clients achieve higher rates of business success.  

We know businesses that succeed are typically well funded, with appropriate balance sheets, and relevant resources. The quality of people (talent) employed to execute business goals is vital to their success. They adapt their structure to harness and motivate their people as the firm grows. Owners are generally positioned at the nucleus of the company. They are laser focused on their own core competencies. They integrate complementary outsourced services to enhance and aid measurable growth and efficiencies. 

Access to appropriate capital, great talent and structure managed well and holistically ensure their best chances of business success.  

  1. A well-funded business – Knowing the numbers (sales, spend, cash-flow) and managing by the numbers. Developing a strongly aligned capital structure for short, medium and long-term goals help to drive business performance. 
  2. Talent – The people quality, skill-sets, diversity, experience, knowledge, leadership. Knowing company talents and backfilling for weaknesses, which often means outsourcing, can ensure resources are optimally employed. Business services and Digital growth pillars provide best of breed solutions to help a business achieve performance in areas outside their expertise and free up time for focus on core competencies.
  3. Structure; organization – The numbers – a well-funded company, and the people have to work within a vibrant, organic, dynamically changing organization. Importantly and maybe somewhat obvious, a structure that works for a start-up does not necessarily apply or work as the company choses to grow. The skill set to lead a larger enterprise is different to the flatter structure in an early stage company. There are 7 stages a business can be in any one time from startup, to viability through to failure. Business services pillar provides solutions to help a business through developmental stages including infrastructure buildout and HR solutions.
  4. Planning – Planning runs through the core of a business and a key driver of scalability and growth. The businesses services pillar incorporates comprehensive business plan creation, and other task management, review and revise solutions. 
  5. Network – Network is a key driver of profitability, from a personal network circle that’s actively grown with referrals, to social media networks enhanced by advanced digital solutions. Online network solutions, social marketing and precise demographic, locations and segmentation targeting are offered as part of the digital growth pillar.
  6. Purpose – It is really important to be clear why you are in or starting a business beyond the obvious. What’s was the visceral catalyst, and passion driving you and the idea? If enough people relate to your purpose, they are more likely to desire what you do to accomplish your mission because they believe in it too. People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it. Why you are solving a problem is important to the sustainability and success of a business as it creates an identifiable passion in like- minded people. The people that work with you and the people that buy. This premise runs through the solutions offered throughout the platform. Understanding the client avatar of a business and what market place problem is being solved through the value proposition is integral to the Platform

About Andrea Sotgiu, CEO

Andrea founded Lavan Financial Group following a 28 Year career in the financial industry

With a strong portfolio of successes Mr. Sotgiu orchestrated start-up, growth and development across a variety of Capital Market businesses for top tier banks, both in Europe and North America. Mr. Sotgiu worked closely with Institutional client structuring billions of U.S. dollars of equity and debt capital funding for hundreds of institutions supplying capital to fuel their success.

While access to capital is essential, so is the effective use of capital. With a focus on small businesses, the struggles they face, and high failure rates, Andrea looked to develop a broader value chain solution to reliably help increase SMEs success rates.

The Business Success Platform offers smart capital and business solutions to combat the causes of failure, drive business performance and empower SMEs with an edge throughout their entrepreneurial journeys.

Located in Stamford CT, situated close to Manhattan Andrea and the teams feel fortunate. Helping more businesses succeed and reach their goals is truly fulfilling. They love what they do, and the businesses they do it with.

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