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Business solutions – how innovation drives new business value

Increase control over your small business with solutions and software designed to grow with you.

Fast Cloud infrastructure  deployment delivering  a single source of data truth with actionable intelligence

Connect every function across your company to time-tested best practices and in-depth analytics. You’ll get the foundation to scale and compete without the complexity and cost, so you can grow your business your way.

Streamline key processes, gain greater insight into your business, and make decisions based on real-time information so you can drive profitable growth.

Adapt and change with scale, to consistently deliver exceptional client experiences, beat out the competition, drive customer demand and breed loyalty.

The following business and professional services and many more valuable resources are accessed through the business success platform.

Business Entity & Compliance Service

Business solutions to protect Your Entity With Up To Date Filings & Records Compliance

60% of small corporations fail to protect their owners in the event of a lawsuit due to inadequate corporate records. And even worse, 80% of all businesses fail to maintain proper records and required filings.


In today’s lawsuit-obsessed business environment, it is not enough to just run your business; you need to protect your business as well. Ignoring essential entity paperwork can leave you and your business vulnerable in the event of a lawsuit or IRS audit. Unfortunately, many successful lawsuits have turned on the business owners’ failures to keep accurate and current business records of resolutions, required meetings, resignations, and more. An Entity Filings & Records Plan Business solution provides:


  • A review of all existing business formation documents, resolutions and annual meeting minutes
  • Checklist of essential agreements and business compliance issues often overlooked by business owners
  • Documentation to memorialize your business decisions by drafting business resolutions and meeting minutes
  • Quarterly compliance updates to keep you informed of your business legal compliance obligations.

Full System Completion Service

Business solutions – Completing Lender Compliance

We understand that owning and running your business is way more than a full time job.

You can choose to utilize Lavan Financial Group business solutions to complete much of the work necessary to establish business credit or complete yourself. Without completing the items of Lender Compliance and developing strong business credit scores with all the National Business Credit Reporting Agencies, your business is more likely to stay in a High-Risk Category with business lenders and credit providers. This leads to getting declined or paying high-interest rates and other charges.

SBA Compliant Business Plan

A custom SBA business plan that is a business credit tradeline

If you intend, now or in the future, to seek a bank business term loan or an SBA backed business loan, then an SBA Compliant Business Plan will be required. The process of creating an SBA Compliant business plan will force you to ask and answer the same questions that business lenders will ask and require you to know the answers. Lenders will want you to show them that you have taken the time to understand your market, that you know what your expenses are going to be, what the standard gross margins are for your industry, and that your marketing and sales plans are solid.

  • A Cover Page, graphics, and charts;
  • An Executive Summary introducing and covering all aspects of your business;
  • An Organizational Summary explaining your legal structure, managerial system and Mission Statement;
  • A Confidentiality Agreement;
  • A Service and Product information description detailing the benefits from the customer’s point of view
  • A thorough Marketing Analysis for your operation defining your industry gross margins and norms
  • A Financial and Funding summary establishing your business’ past performance and future financial forecast.
  • A Marketing Plan
  • An Advertising Plan
  • A Web Plan

Truly customized, SBA compliant business plans can cost thousands of dollars. But not ours. We’ve made it affordable and a credit builder by offering you the ability to make a down payment, receive your customized plan, then make monthly payments toward the final purchase.

Virtual Office Lender Compliance Solution

A Business Address Solution That Creates A Reporting Trade-line

Don’t expect to get very far building business credit with a Residential, Mail-Stop, or PO Box for your business address.

Using any one of these as your “Physical” business address will cause your business to be categorized as “High Risk” and mostly likely cause your business credit applications to be declined. Credit providers need to see a physical address that is considered deliverable by the US Postal Service and listed in their database as a “Business” address. Credit providers will normally only approve businesses that have a commercial zoned physical address. This is where our digital mail service will provide your business with a physical address that is listed as “Business” in the USPS database, your business mail can be collected there and scanned to you for further handling instruction. This business address solution is not a location that you can work from, it is simply a US Postal business mailing address that meets lenders’ requirements for a physical business address. This vendor provides a digital mail service. Each piece of mail will be scanned to you, unopened. If you elect to have the vendor open your mail and scan each page to you, they will simply apply a small charge to your credit card for each page scanned, typically $2 per envelope. Or, if you prefer, they will forward the pieces you select through the postal service, again applying a minimal charge for the postal forwarding. This service is great for the traveler, or the business owner who works to efficiently conduct business with vendors online.

VOIP Business Phone System

Solve This Compliance Item And Help Make Your Business Bankable Too

It almost seems silly that lenders would even care about what phone number you use for your business. But the fact is that they do care because they experience a higher rate of default from businesses without a business phone, or more accurately their Underwriting Approval computer algorithms care.

These algorithms reach out and search the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) database to determine if the phone number your business is registered to is a residential phone, a cell phone, a free service such as Google Voice, a toll-free, a VOIP, a landline, or a business phone. If the phone number you are using for your businesses returns the values; business, land line, voip, or toll free from the FCC, then you are good to go! Our Business Phone Solution will provide you with an FCC listed business number and offers an excellent quality of service for all your business needs. Services like;

  • call routing,
  • business extensions,
  • a business phone tree,
  • setup different departments,
  • forward calls to your cell phones, and
  • have a professional business presence when your customers try to reach you.

Full Service Client Management & Marketing CRM

An amazing CRM business marketing tool that is also a reporting tradeline

Optimal functionality to reach out and stay in touch with your client base and prospects. Create webinars, send newsletters, and mail merge emails. It is important that you not only initially engage with your business prospects but that you keep them engaged. This is where your CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool comes in. Most CRMs (SalesForce, Zoho, etc.) charge on a per user basis and limit the amount of prospects you can put in. Your CRM is only $99 a month for unlimited Users/Seats, unlimited clients/prospects, and it provides your business with a $1,200 business credit reporting trade-line to build your business credit.

What is CRM Marketing Automation? Software that allows your business to optimize your customer relationships. For a small business it allows you to run multiple campaigns successfully and manage your time efficiently. It makes it easier and more organized for you to connect with each customer in a personalized way. Having a CRM eases and expedites the process of turning a lead into a buying client. Respond To Clients and Prospects Faster Autoresponders enable smarter onboarding and more sales. Send automatic email responses and follow-up messages based on time or actions, all of this through your CRM software. Newsletters Send newsletters to customers to keep them informed. Know who is opening emails and clicking links. Social Marketing Campaigns Engage with your contacts on multiple marketing channels, including social media. Run multiple marketing campaigns at the same time. Email A/B Testing Optimize your email messages with A/B testing. Send different versions of emails to contacts and evaluate based on open and click rates. Be Personal Add a personal touch to your emails, automatically. Personalize emails with a contact’s name, company, location, interests and more. Send coupons based on customers’ interests and buying habits. Drip Marketing Create drip campaigns to send the right message at the right time based on customer behavior and increase conversions. Web Engagement Take your real-time marketing to new heights with custom signup forms, coupons, surveys, feedback forms. Capture leads and make your small business huge. As a small business owner, do I need this CRM? As a small business with limited staff, automation becomes even more critical. Using this CRM, one or two individuals can effectively manage multiple marketing campaigns in tandem with other marketing efforts. Your CRM enables you to maintain customer demographic and behavioral data. You can segment your customers to drive cross selling and up selling campaigns which can boost customer retention and your average revenue per customer.

Social Media Business Marketing

Tap into the power of social media marketing and social sales.

Listen, analyze, publish, and engage with your customers on social media.

Unite sales, service, and marketing. Drive consistent customer experiences by integrating social with marketing, sales, and service on a single platform. Reduce customer service costs. Listen to billions of conversations, and proactively identify customers looking for help. Great social care is great marketing. Unlock deeper insights. Analyze sentiment, demographics, influencers, and detractors to understand your customers and trends.

Email Marketing Suite

A Comprehensive Email Marketing Suite That Is A Reporting Trade-line

Local Online Business Marketing

Online local rankings and mobile accessibility can make or break you

Your future customers are searching the web and using mobile devices to find products and services.

Appearing in their search results relies on the strength of your local internet marketing. Your prosperity depends on new customers finding your business in local and mobile searches. Local Marketing Includes:

  • Local keyword analysis and research
  • Creating geographically relevant content designed to attract links
  • Organic link building and locally targeted article submissions
  • Identifying relevant review sites and creating a strategy to encourage positive feedback
  • Optimizing local business listings in Google Places, Yahoo & Bing Local, Four Square & Yelp

Local listings appear above organic results for many searches giving you a competitive edge based on your location.  This system utilizes the best tools and strategies in local search engine marketing efforts to build up your local presence online. The local marketing tools used are determined by the needs of your business after a local Internet marketing analysis. Almost every business needs local customers to grow and thrive. Best of all is while you are reaching those local customers you will also be creating a reporting business credit trade-line that will be helping to make your business bankable.

Website, Email, and Basic SEO

A Lender Compliance Website and Email That Builds Business Credit

When lenders’ underwriting computers check to find your business online, they are looking for your corporate website, not your social media presence. If your business is not found online and has no website it simply places you in a Higher Risk of Default category and therefore your likelihood to be declined goes up. Likewise, using “” is likely to get you declined where using will not. Again, this is because a larger number of default clients have used free email accounts versus those that have used professional emails.

Our Website and Email Solution solves both these TWO Lender Compliance items and also comes with the another huge benefit. Your website design and hosting creates a reporting business credit trade-line for your business! No other web design or hosting service will report a trade line. You simply complete a detailed questionnaire about your business, along with any photos, graphics, logo, or specific text that you might want included. Your website concierge will work with you to ensure your satisfaction with your finished website. If your business requires more pages of content for advertising products, or e-commerce for collecting payments, additional packages are available with 0% financing.  Sign up for the basic package to get started and your website concierge can assist with upgrades. A domain name is not included in your website purchase but we can assist you with the process. Submit this form to get your professional website, assistance with your professional email setup, and have a reporting business credit trade-line.

Trade Service – Single point of access for all services

After a small business has selected desired trade services, they have a single source login to a portal to manage any number of business trade services. There are over 40 trade services to select from.

Reporting Trade-line Management

Each trade line service is contracted on an annual basis to allow for the payment history reporting of that service as a trade-line on their business credit reports. This creates an environment to easily meet the bankable 10 reporting trade-lines item.

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