Give Your Customers the Credit They Deserve

business-consumer-financeFor businesses that sell consumer items that are valued at or under $10,000, consumer financing provides a great way to increase customer engagement with your brand while also providing a useful service and increasing your sales at the same time. This is accomplished by working with us to extend credit to your individual customers, allowing them to make larger purchases without worrying about having the balance ready immediately. Companies that engage their customers this way not only increase their own flexibility and increase sales, they also reinforce themselves in their customers’ minds as a great resource for future upgrades and purchases.

Program Advantages

Our programs can be custom-tailored to fit any business, and they include advantages like:

These features, along with the ability to obtain immediate approval and use e-signatures, make the consumer finance options offered by the Lavan Financial Group some of the most flexible plans available.

  • Zero interest or “same as cash” windows to incentivize both purchasing and payment
  • Tiered pricing based on purchase size and credit score
  • Flexibility with interest rates
  • Flexibility with credit scores down to 580
  • Collection of bad debts

Ideal Industries

Our products and programs are designed to be flexible for any qualifying business, but they are especially suited to high-value retail purchases, like jewelry, electronics, furniture, and vehicles. They are also easily adaptable for the following industries:

  • Private schools
  • Medical and dental services
  • Travel

Contact one of our representatives today, and find out what we can do to connect your customers to your products quickly and efficiently.