A Beneficial Alternative to Traditional Loans: Stated Income Funding

Stated Income Commercial Real Estate LoansIf you are looking for a beneficial alternative to a traditional commercial loan, at Lavan Financial Group, we strongly urge you to consider a stated income commercial real estate loan. When you apply for one of these loans, the emphasis is not placed on your personal credit history. Rather, it is placed on the actual piece of real estate being financed. As a result, the approval process is designed to be quick and efficient and you will likely have to submit much less documentation than if you were going to be applying for a traditional loan.

How to Use a Stated Income Loan

There are many different ways you can use a stated income loan for commercial real estate purposes. These include the following:

  • Buy property –if you find the perfect investment property, or lack the funding needed to purchase property because your funding is being used for rent, we can provide you with the capital you need to make a sound purchase.
  • Consolidate your debts—would you like to consolidate your equipment leases and credit card debt or pay off the IRS? Doing so can help you save thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.
  • Improve a piece of property –whether you want to expand your location’s parking lot or you need to replace your building’s roof, we can provide you with the funding you need to do these renovations.
  • Working capital –having enough working capital to use can help you take advantage of bulk purchasing incentives on inventory. Or, it can ensure that you have enough cash to take care of expenses while you wait for receivables to come in.

Additionally, you can use one of these loans to refinance an adjustable rate or balloon mortgage.

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If you have any questions about stated income commercial loans, please contact us at Lavan Financial Group today. We look forward to hearing from you and to meeting the specific funding needs of your operations.