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Finance Suite

The Finance Suite is packed with resources, tools, education material, and business credit solutions empowering business owners to take control of their finances and position the business for long-term funding success – always.

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Free Pre-Qualification Assessment

Where does your business stand right now on the funding hierachy? What programs do you qualify for, and simple steps to obtain best fit funding. The assessment is designed to let a small business owner see where their business stacks up against lenders underwriting criteria and any other items they might need to complete to obtain capital – lender compliance items, business credit reporting trade-lines, and which funding programs they pre-qualify for at the present time. The assessment is free and take moments.

Lender Compliance (Underwriting high risk of default items)

These are a series of about 20 items that lenders use to determine if a business falls into a high risk of default category. The system shows each small business if they are in one or more of these categories and what to do to progress from it.

Business Credit Building (Step-by-step instructions with coaching)

Inside the system is a step-by-step process for building strong business credit scores with a virtual coach on each step telling the small business owner what to do, why they need to do it, and exactly how to complete each step.

Personal Credit Optimization (FICO 8 detailed scoring factors)

Personal credit scores of anyone owning 15% or more of a small business will typically play a key role in pre-qualifying for financing. All three FICO 8 scores should be optimized. The system details all point factors of the FICO 8 score and how to optimize it.

Business Becomes Bankable (Tracking the four major components)

The four major components of small business being bankable are; 1) having all items of lender compliance completed, 2) building business credit scores of 70 or above, 3) having at least 10 business credit reporting trade lines, 4) at least a low 5 bank rating. The system tracks and monitors these for small businesses.

3,000+ Vendor Lines of Credit (Search by product or service)

97% of all small business lending in the United States is business to business and not lender to business. The system details the credit extension approval criteria of thousands of vendors for every product and service imaginable, enabling beneficial liquidity management.

4,000+ Lenders (Match by program and location)

Most small businesses struggle with 1) knowing where to go for financing, 2) what funding programs are applicable to them, and 3) which lenders and funding programs they pre-qualify for. The uniquely system solves all those problems. Funding made easy, and done right with “technology and touch”.

Funding Program Bid Platform (Lenders make offers to those pre-qualified)

Once a small business pre-qualifies, they submit their pre-qualification for a specific funding program and lenders in return submit their funding offers of; amount, rate, and terms. The small business owner then selects the offer they like best and the deal proceeds to docs and funding. Very easy.

Business & Personal Credit Monitoring (3 business & 3 personal in one place)

The system is data integrated with the business credit reporting and personal credit reporting agencies to allow business owners a single source where they can easily monitor and receive alerts from both business and personal credit reports.

The Finance Suite – Building Blocks to Long-Term Funding

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